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White House Jewellery

White House Jewellery Inc., is a family run business with a history that has grown out of our family's passion for fine jewellery and exceptional service. 

As a family run business, White House offers its customers a bespoke, personalized shopping experience that larger corporate chains try to emulate but are unable to match. The bespoke experience carries over to the jewellery itself by offering customers personalized and one of a kind pieces at a range of price points. The personalized shopping experience combined with the highest quality craftsmanship and gemstones at competitive pricing has been White House's recipe for success. Our exceptional service and high quality have made us one of the premier vendors of jewellery.

    Whether you are interested in an engagement ring or would like to design a unique piece to make a personal statement, the skilled craftsmen at White House Jewellery can help. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.